The 6 Six Things you Should Do After an Accident

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. With all the adrenaline and anxiety that you experience afterwards, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. However, by following these steps, you can Protect your Legal Rights.
  1. Stop. Never the leave the scene of an accident, even if it’s minor.
  2. Contact the Police. A police report is very important. Although it can be annoying to wait around for the officer, it is often worth it. Make sure the officer hears your side of the story.
  3. Identify Witnesses. Did anyone see the accident? If so, make sure that you take down their information.
  4. Take Photos. Use your cell phone (or an actual camera!) to take photos of any visible property damage, as well as the other driver’s license plate.
  5. Seek Medical Attention. You may not feel hurt, but the pain and injuries caused by car accidents can often pop up later. Unless you are absolutely certain that you are not injured, you should consider seeking medical attention at an emergency room, urgent care, or with your family physician.
  6. Protect your legal rights. Insurance companies love to take statements from individuals right after an accident, or even get them to settle for extremely small amounts before knowing the full extent of their damages. Don’t let that happen to you. Speaking to an attorney is free, and may be one of the most important calls that you make.  
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